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Aluminum foam used in architecture cladding industry


Aluminum foam is a new type of construction and decoration material, which is increasingly being used in the architecture cladding industry.

aluminum foam

Foamed aluminum has a number of advantages as follow:

Lightweight and high specific stiffness

The density of aluminum foam is 0.1-0.4 times that of metal aluminum.It has a high bending stiffness, which means it can withstand a lot of weight without flexing or breaking. 

Easy to install

Aluminum foam materials can be installed in high places without mechanical lifting equipment, such as: ceilings, walls and roofs, etc., and can be pasted on walls or ceilings with adhesives.

Good acoustic insulation

Aluminum foam can also help to reduce noise levels, making it a good choice for buildings in noisy areas.

Non-combustible and has good heat resistance

Foamed aluminum have good corrosion resistance, good weather resistance, low moisture absorption and  non-toxic.

 Aluminum foam is a versatile and innovative material that is finding increasing use in the architecture cladding industry,including  wall cladding, facade cladding ,ceilings, floors.

open cell aluminum foam

foam aluminum for cladding

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