The Leading Manufacturer of Honeycomb Material in Southern China

Aluminum honeycomb, Steel honeycomb,Honeycomb panels

We work with you to provide best honeycomb product solutions for the various industries, and deliver exceptional customer service.The honeycomb products can be widely used in construction, rail, marine,furniture, aviation, medical and military industries etc.

Huarui Honeycomb Technology Co.,Ltd

Huarui Honeycomb Technology Co.,Ltd is an ISO9001:2015 and IMO MED certified company. We are specialized in manufacturing aluminum honeycomb core, steel honeycomb core,EMI/EMC shielding ventilation panel, aluminum honeycomb panels,stone honeycomb panels,modular honeycomb wall panels and high pressure laminate in China.

  • Air Filtering& Purification

    Aluminum honeycomb filter is a new type of material used in the air filter industry.

  • Interior And Exterior Wall Facade Cladding

    The lightweight honeycomb cladding systems provide a structural solution to architecture facade industry,including exterior wall cladding,interior decoration,suspended ceiling,partitions

  • Marine Vessels

    Huarui honeycomb supply high strength-to-weight ratio aluminum honeycomb products, an ideal for all areas of marine vessels, providing solutions from stem to stern.

  • Vehicle

    The lighter weight and excellent performance of aluminum honeycomb panels,can reduce vehicle weight and fuel consumption while retain strength and rigidity.