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Interior And Exterior Wall Facade Cladding

interior wall paneling

The requirement of architectural material

-Save cost and improve efficiency

-Reduce emissions

-Quick and easy assembly

-Resistant to blow and breakage

-Promote sustainable development

Architectural cladding provides thermal insulation and resistance from weather changes that can improve the appearance of buildings.Architectural wall cladding is a basic need for buildings to create an internal environment and protect the buildings from external conditions.

The lightweight honeycomb panel,a building material cladding systems provide a structural solution to architecture facade industry,including exterior wall cladding,interior decoration,suspended ceiling,partitions.As the advantage of lightweight,outstanding aesthetic feature and mechanical properties and easy to install, the honeycomb panels can reduces the construction load and cost.



Exterior wall cladding

Aluminum honeycomb panels,achieve maximum strength with the smallest weight among decorative materials for building curtain walls,which are currently the preferred lightweight materials for the construction industry.


wall cladding exterio panelr

Specificationcan be customized
Highlightedge-sealed,firmer corner,easily wiped , compression resistant      
Applicationcommercial office, schools, hospitals, exhibition room,  4s carshop etc.

Interior wall cladding

aluminum honeycomb panels offer a lightweight structural backing for interior decoration. 

 metal building material

Specificationcan be customized
  Highlightstructurally strength,  fire resistant ,corrosion resistant.
Applicationoffice decoration, operation room ,clean room,home finishing material etc.



Aluminum honeycomb panels as hexagonal honeycomb design,are very suitable for partition materials. 

We use edge-sealed technology,so the corners are firmer. As a partition, its density is much smaller than other partition panels, which greatly reduces the construction load and cost.

interior wall paneling

Specificationcan be customized
Highlightedge-sealed,fireproof, wateroof ,moisture-proof

Suspended ceiling

Aluminum honeycomb panel ceiling system from panel material, shape, installation to surface treatment ,provides architects with many choices to display ceiling performance. It is an ideal panel choice for large-scale project ceilings.

wall cladding exterio panelr

Specificationcan be customized
Highlightlight weight,good sound insulation,heat insulation performance
Applicationairport,home decoration


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