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Raised floor

What is raised floor?

Raised floor, also called raised flooring, false floors or moving floors, has a certain height from the ground. This height provides a space that can be used to implement various mechanical and electrical installations in office and industrial buildings.The raised floor system consists of panels and adjustable pedestals.


aluminum honeycomb floor panel

The raised floor panels are made of aluminum honeycomb panels.

Structure: aluminum sheet+adhesive+aluminum honeycomb core+ adhesive+aluminum sheet 

Finished:Hpl laminated,anti-slip embrassed,stone,wood

Panel thickness:  from 20 to 200mm

Concentrated load: from 500 KG to 20 MT

Support: frame support, two side supports, one side support

Span: 600mm to 2000mm 

Features of aluminum honeycomb raised flooring panel:

Lightweight and high loading ability

Height adjustable structure

Good physical properties

Waterproof,fireproof,corrosion resistant

Reduce the the cost of construction

Strength test for raised floor panel

raised floor


Aluminium honeycomb raised floor can be used for a variety of situation,like office,loading pad,the bottom panel of machine packaging,crane, garage, data center raised floor ,raised floor for plumbing in bathroom etc.

raised access floor panelsaluminum honeycomb floor panel

raised floor

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