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Nomex Aramid Honeycomb Core

  • Nomex Aramid Honeycomb Core
  • Nomex Aramid Honeycomb Core
  • Nomex Aramid Honeycomb Core
  • Nomex Aramid Honeycomb Core
Nomex Aramid Honeycomb Core

● Excellent dielectric and raderconductive property
● Good thermal insulation
● Used for sandwich panels,aircraft, luxury yachts, and radiator guard protector screen mesh.

Nomex Aramid Honeycomb Core

Aramid honeycomb (commonly known as Nomex honeycomb) is  non-metallic honeycomb core material, made aramid fiber as the main material,using polyisophthalamide m-phenylene diamine fiber paper, and with machining processes.

Properties of Nomex aramid hoenycomb core

Cell size(mm) 

3.2 , 4.0, 6.4, 8.0, 9.5


24, 29, 40, 48, 64, 80, 96, 128

Supply status

Cutting slice,blocks,expand

Standard Panel size (mm)



Can be customized

Tolerance of density


Tolerance of cellsize


nomex honeycomb


    Excellent dielectric and raderconductive property 

    Unique resilience and shock absorption

    Good thermal insulation

    High corrosion resistance 

    High strength to weight ratio

    Fungus and mould resistant

    A wide range of density,meet for different capacity structures


Applications of Nomex Honeycomb 

Compared with aluminum honeycomb, aramid honeycomb has better bonding performance, corrosion resistance and electromagnetic wave permeability.Nomex honeycomb is used for sandwich panels,aircraft, high-speed trains, luxury yachts, automobiles, sports equipment, and nomex honeycomb radiator guard protector screen mesh.

aramid honeycomb mesh


 Aramid honeycomb exerts its light-weight and high-strength characteristics to realize lightweight car body structures for new energy vehicles, RVs, etc.


When applied to the hull structure, especially the yacht, the current foreign boats made of aramid honeycomb composite materials can reduce the power by 40% compared with the traditional boats (same size).

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nomex honeycomb

Radiator guard protector screen mesh

As high strength to weight ratio,Nomex honeycomb is used for radiator guard protector screen mesh.


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