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Aluminum honeycomb panel marine/boat/ship

  • Aluminum honeycomb panel marine/boat/ship
  • Aluminum honeycomb panel marine/boat/ship
  • Aluminum honeycomb panel marine/boat/ship
Aluminum honeycomb panel marine/boat/ship
  • Huarui
  • Foshan,Guangdong
  • 5-15days
  • 1500㎡/day

● High strength-to-weight ratio
● Can be used in cruise ships,large yachts,patrol boats

Aluminum honeycomb panel marine/boat/ship


We supply range of aluminum honeycomb core,honeycomb panels and assembly accessories for marine industry. The honeycomb panels are suitable for the construction of partitions, interiors, furniture, ceilings, flooring, hulls and bulkheads. 

aluminum honeycomb panel marine

● IMO MED Module B+D certified by LR

● High strength and lightweight

● Cost effective and eco-friendly

● Wide range of surface treatment to choose

● Support installation profiles

A variety options of marine honeycomb core panel        

As sandwich structure of marine honeycomb core panel,it can be flexibility customized for the demand of architects and manufacturing engineers.Cruise ships,large yachts,patrol boats,and even offshore platforms have always introduce HPL/PVC/Stainless steel/mill finished aluminum honeycomb panels in their designs.

honeycomb panel for marine

Supporting connection for marine honeycomb panels

For marine/boat/ship decoration,there are some connection for panels,like exposed triming,invisible profile,and seamless connection.Huarui honeycomb provide profiles&assembly accessories with aluminum honeycomb panels.

aluminum honeycomb panels 4x8

Aluminum extrusions has good characteristic of simple structure,resonalble design,firm installation, and good safety performance.Aluminum extrusion profile can be used in wide applications,including furnuture,decorative moldings,trims,aluminum corner guards,and door construction.Different aluminum profiles to meet the request of installation.Customized profile is available for us.

aluminum honeycomb panel marine

About us 

Huarui Honeycomb Technology co.,ltd is the leading manufacturer of aluminum honeycomb in southeast China.We have tried our best to continuly increase and meet all the higher requirement for alminum honeycomb.

Size of production runs Aluminum HoneycombSteel HoneycombHoneycomb panelsStone Honeycomb 
Full capacity120 blocks 500 ㎡/month2000+500㎡/day3000 ㎡/month
Normal60 blocks 200 ㎡/month1500㎡/day2000 ㎡/month
Production line2 automatic production lines of aluminum honeycomb panel 
10 production lines of aluminum honeycomb

Becides,our company have been cooperating wih some advanced technology research institutes,universities and scientific research company,such as Central South University,Harbin University of Science and  Technology,and Chinese Academy of Sciences.

We are constantly improving our own research and development ability,and keep providing best honeycomb products and application solution for the  various industries.

honeycomb panel for marine

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