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Introduction about CPL laminate honeycomb panels


What is Continuous Pressure Laminate (CPL)?

Continuous Pressure Laminate (CPL) is a composite material laminated with melamine-impregnated decorative paper and non-woven fabric or parchment paper. It is a new environmentally friendly special-shaped coating material currently on the market.

lamiante honeycomb panels

cpl honeycomb panels

CPL honeycomb panel is made of cpl lamiante with aluminum honeycomb structure. There are a variety of advantages as follow. 


The surface wear layer provides a protective barrier against stains and moisture, making it a great option for high-traffic areas.

Aesthetic appeal,more colors and textures

With a range of colors, patterns, and textures available, CPL honeycomb panel can give the flexibility to choose a design that fits their personal taste and home décor. 

Fire prevention

CPL material has unique surface bacteria density and high wear resistance, and is resistant to equal burning and flame retardant.It has good performance and prevents accidents to a certain extent.

Environmental Protection

CPL materials have unique surface bacterial density and high wear resistance, and have properties such as resistance to equal burning and good flame retardancy, which can prevent accidents to a certain extent.

CPL lamiante Honeycomb Panel Application 

lightweight honeycomb panels

lamiante honeycomb panels

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