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The brief introduction about natural stone honeycomb panels


What is natural stone honeycomb panels ?

Stone honeycomb panel is made of natural stone composited with high-quality aluminum honeycomb panel or fiberglass honeycomb panel as backing. It is a revolutionary application of exterior cladding and interior decoration with its unique advantages,as lightweight, design flexibility, easy to install and maintain, fireproof, save cost and so on. 

stone honeycomb panels

Natural Stone Types

Granite:  It is the hardest and most durable and needs low maintenance. 

Limestone:  It is one of the most diverse stones and has a wide variety of applications. It is used in building projects and constructing roads. 

Marble: The classy appearance of the marble has made it the first choice material for architectural and interior projects. 
Travertine: The stone of the Roman Colosseum. Recognizable for its pitted surface, travertine is a calcium-rich stone formed in natural springs.

Sandstone: It is a sedimentary rock composed of sand-size silicate grains.

granite honeycomb panels

Stone Finishes & Colors

Stone finishes include flamed, sandblasted, honed and polished, each providing its own unique aesthetic. 

FlamedThe surface of the stone is super heated with a torch and then rapidly quenched to pop the crystals. This produces a rough textured finish.
Sandblasted: The surface is blasted with an abrasive sand to create a finish slightly rougher than honed.
Honed: The stone receives a smooth mat sanded finish. The surface is smooth but not reflective.
Polished: Diamond-faced pads wet polish the stone to a brilliant shine and a reflective finish. Polishing is available in marble and granite, but is not available in most limestones or sandstones.

Natural Stone Honeycomb Panel Application 

Stone aluminum honeycomb panels are generally made of 3-5mm stone and 10-25mm aluminum honeycomb panels.

ThicknessExterior curtain wallInterior curtain wallInterior ceilingFloor
Natural stone 4-5mm3-4mm3-4mm
Aluminum honeycomb panel   not less than 25mm15mm15-20mm10-15mm

lightweight honeycomb stone panels

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