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Aluminum Honeycomb Core Sandwich Panel Manufacturer

  • Aluminum Honeycomb Core Sandwich Panel Manufacturer
  • Aluminum Honeycomb Core Sandwich Panel Manufacturer
  • Aluminum Honeycomb Core Sandwich Panel Manufacturer
  • Aluminum Honeycomb Core Sandwich Panel Manufacturer
  • Aluminum Honeycomb Core Sandwich Panel Manufacturer
  • Aluminum Honeycomb Core Sandwich Panel Manufacturer
Aluminum Honeycomb Core Sandwich Panel Manufacturer
  • Huarui
  • Foshan,Guangdong
  • 5-15days
  • 1500㎡/day

● High strength-to-weight ratio,hyper flatness
● Provide a variety of surface treatment and edge closure design
● Wide range of applications,including exterior and interior wall cladding, furniture,partition etc.

Aluminum honeycomb core sandwich panel manufacturer

Huarui honeycomb produce aluminum honeycomb corealuminum honeycomb panels, and stone honeycomb panels, which provides cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions for the customers.The panels have passed testing as ASTM E 84,IMO MED Module B+D,certified by LR,Non-combustibility test EN ISO1182.


Aluminum honeycomb panel is sandwich-structured composites comprising of aluminum honeycomb cores and two skin sheets. The unique honeycomb structure contributes to the panel of super flatness,sound insulation, light weight and high strength,non-combustible,design flexibility etc.

aluminum honeycomb core panel

                                          (the structure of aluminium honeycomb panels)

Faced sheet

aluminum,fiberglass,zinc,HPL,stainless steel,stone,galvanize


aluminum honeycomb AA3003H18, AA5052H18

Standard glue

working temperature -40 ℃  to 117 ℃

High temperature glue

-40 ℃  to 180 ℃ /  -40 ℃  to 200 ℃ 


Max size

 1600x 12000mm, 2500x6000mm

Min/Max thicknes

3mm/ 500mm

Edge closurepress-brake bend,solid edge closure,U channel,with profiles etc. 
Remarks4X8 honeycomb panels is availble.

The size can be customized on request as well as the aluminum extrusion.To install aluminium honeycomb panels,We also try our best to help customers find the aluminum extrusion profiles they need.

aluminum honeycomb panel supplier

(The installation: aluminum extrusion profile with aluminum honeycomb panels)

What are the selection of honeycomb panels?

Huarui honeycomb provide a variety of surface treatment for aluminum honeycomb core sheets,like mirror,PVDF coating/painting,powder coating.We also can laminate various finishes to the face of aluminium honeycomb panel, including but not limited to: wood,stone, porcelain,HPL ,FRP fiberglass ,and other finish options. 

More color choices bring elegant decorative effects

metal building panels


 a good sound-absorbing material,used for suspended ceiling

aluminum honeycomb core panel

           Mill finish 

 ideal for composite veneer,internal floating roof,etc

aluminum honeycomb panel supplier


designed to meet anti-slip requirements, used in floor industry

metal building panels

         Wood grain 

 with high definition vision

aluminum honeycomb core panel

         Stone grain 

Natrual look and touch of stone 

aluminum honeycomb panel supplier

Powder coated aluminum 

Weather resistance, scratch resistance and fade resistant,suitable for outdoor usage.

metal building panels

Fiberglass honeycomb (FRP)

High strength,and durability

aluminum honeycomb core panel

Natural stone veneer

Easy to insatll for construction

aluminum honeycomb panel supplier

HPL / CPL  laminate

wear resistance for furniture cabinetry

Common application

The aluminium honeycomb panel is widely used in screenprinting,architecture curtain walls, interior decoration,furniture industry, marine, oil tank industry,vehicle,lighting and so on.

metal building panels


Huarui honeycomb 2023             Alcombfurniture 2023

About us 

Huarui Honeycomb Technology co.,ltd is the leading manufacturer of aluminum honeycomb in southeast China.We have tried our best to continuly increase and meet all the higher requirement for alminum honeycomb.

Size of production runs Aluminum HoneycombSteel HoneycombHoneycomb panelsStone Honeycomb 
Full capacity120 blocks 500 ㎡/month2000+500㎡/day3000 ㎡/month
Normal60 blocks 200 ㎡/month1500㎡/day2000 ㎡/month
Production line2 automatic production lines of aluminum honeycomb panel 
10 production lines of aluminum honeycomb

Becides,our company have been cooperating wih some advanced technology research institutes,universities and scientific research company,such as Central South University,Harbin University of Science and  Technology,and Chinese Academy of Sciences.

We are constantly improving our own research and development ability,and keep providing best honeycomb products and application solution for the  various industries.

aluminum honeycomb core panel

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